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Brain/Spinal Cord Injury

  1. Client was front seat passenger in a car struck head on. Airbags failed to open and client’s face hit the dash causing multiple facial fractures and brain injury. Investigation revealed that vehicle had been in front end collision previously and was repaired but airbags had not been replaced by repair shop. Action against auto manufacturer and repair shop results in seven figure settlement for our client.
  2. Client was driving across a railroad crossing which was not equipped with flashers or gates. There were obstructions to the view of oncoming trains. Client’s car was struck by train causing brain and spinal injuries. Case goes to trial and jury returns seven figure verdict for our client.
  3. Client was discharged from hospital in an unstable condition. The patient’s husband picked her up at the door of the hospital and, as they were driving out of the parking lot, she suffered a heart attack. Her husband rushed her back into the hospital. By the time she was resuscitated, she had permanent brain injury due to lack of oxygen. Seven figure settlement for client.

Auto/Truck Accidents

  1. Our clients were driving with their grandchildren when a dump truck failed to stop at a stop sign and t-boned their car resulting in severe injuries including facial trauma and disfigurement to grandson. Action against dump truck company results in seven figure settlement for our clients.
  2. Client was a front seat passenger in car which was rear-ended by a pick-up truck. Defense claimed that collision was low impact. Investigation demonstrated that plaintiff had sustained concussion with persistent headaches due to acceleration/deceleration forces in collision. Six figure settlement for our client.
  3. Our client was 5 years old when he was a backseat passenger in a car that was rear-ended. After the accident, his parents observed that he acted differently. Testing demonstrated mild traumatic brain injury which doctors believed was related to the collision. Case went to trial resulting in substantial six figure recovery for the child.

Wrongful Death

  1. Client was working at night at his job site when there was a power outage resulting in the lights going out at the job site. Unable to see in the darkness he fell into a pool of hot fluid causing severe burns over his entire body resulting in his death. Our investigation revealed that the power outage was due to a defective condition of a power generator. Seven figure settlement for his wife and children.
  2. A 23 year old mother died two weeks after she had given birth to her daughter due to a heart condition which her doctors had failed to diagnose and treat. Seven figure settlement for daughter and grandmother.
  3. Our client was the daughter of a patient at the hospital who was hospitalized for severe back pain. She developed a pulmonary embolism which was not recognized by the physicians or hospital staff. As a result, she died. Our office proceeded to trial and obtained a substantial damage award for her surviving daughter.

Medical Malpractice/Birth Injury

  1. During labor, hospital staff reviewing heart monitor mistakenly thought the mother’s heartrate was the baby’s heartrate. When the mistake was realized, it was discovered that the baby’s heartrate was falling drastically. There was an effort to deliver the baby by an emergency cesarean section but by the time the baby was born, he had died. Substantial settlement for parents for their emotional distress over the loss of their baby.
  2. Following a very difficult delivery, our client was diagnosed with cerebral palsy with disfigurement of her face and head. Investigation showed that there were indications during labor that a cesarean section should be performed but it was not done. Seven figure settlement for the child and her mother.

Prescription Error

  1. When our client had filled his prescription at the pharmacy, he was mistakenly given the wrong medication which he needed for his heart condition. Without realizing that he had been given the wrong medication, he took the medication which caused worsening shortness of breath and congestive heart failure. Our office obtained substantial settlement on his behalf.
  2. Our client was in early pregnancy when she came to the emergency room with bleeding. She was diagnosed with a miscarriage and given medication which should not be given during pregnancy. In fact, she had not miscarried. She had a very difficult pregnancy resulting in premature delivery and brain injury to her baby. Seven figure settlement for the mother and her son.

Slip and Falls

  1. Our client and her husband went to a movie theatre. As our client tried to locate a seat in the dark theatre, she tripped on a raised area in the aisle. Our investigation showed that this condition was in violation of the building code. Six figure settlement for the client who sustained shoulder injury requiring surgery.
  2. As our client was leaving she was leaving a restaurant, she tripped and fell over the door threshold. Our investigation showed that construction of the door threshold was in violation of the building code. Six figure settlement on behalf of the client who had sustained injuries to her back and neck.

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