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Product Liability

Helping Victims of Dangerous Products in Indianapolis

There are thousands of products created every year, and many of those products eventually reach the consumer market. Most products that are sold in stores have been deemed safe for consumers, but unfortunately, sometimes even products that are considered safe actually turn out to be harmful. People are injured or become ill from unsafe or dangerous products in many instances. When someone is hurt from an unsafe product, then he or she can pursue a product liability lawsuit in order to receive compensation.

Determining Liability with Product Injuries

Unlike many other types of personal injuries, it can be easier to prove who is responsible in a product liability case, and therefore collect damages. Anytime a manufacturer puts a product into the hands of consumers that ends up being dangerous and injuring a consumer, it is considered a product liability case. Anyone involved in the selling chain of the product can be held responsible. However, in order for product liability to be possible, the product must have reached the marketplace at some point.

Helping Prove Product Liability in Indianapolis

If you have been hurt or made ill due to a defective or dangerous product, then you might have a product liability case. The first thing to do is to speak with an experienced product liability attorney. However, even if you have been hurt from a bad product, you still have to prove a few things in order to receive damages. In most instances, you will have to show that you were actually hurt or that you suffered a loss of some kind in order to win your case. You will also have to show that the product was truly defective. In addition, you will have to prove that the defect was what caused your injury or loss. Lastly, you will usually need to show that you were using the product as it was intended. Another important factor that can help your case is to show that there was no kind of warning to alert you to the possible danger.

Determining The Type of Defect

There are many different types of defective products. Some products are harmful because of their design, while others become defective during the manufacturing process. Other products are dangerous and fail to give proper warning of the danger. That can also lead to product liability. An example of a defective manufacturing could be a children’s toy with a loose screw that could be swallowed by a child. On the other hand, an example of a defective design could be a toaster that gets so hot to the touch that it could burn the user. Lastly, an example of insufficient warning of danger could be a product that is flammable, but fails to warn of that fact.

Contact an Experienced Indianapolis Product Liability Lawyer

All of these can be used as factors in a product liability case. However, if you have been hurt or become ill because of a dangerous or faulty product, then you should seek the help of our experienced law firm before you do anything else. At Holland & Holland, we will closely examine the facts of your case and determine which factors apply. We will then aggressively pursue the proper and fair amount of compensation. We can help you if you have been hurt from a defective or dangerous product in Indianapolis. Just call us today at(317) 581-4400 or contact us online.

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