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Experienced Construction Accident Attorney in Indianapolis

There are literally thousands of people who work in the construction industry and every day they put their safety on the line; and in many cases their lives. Construction workers do some of the toughest jobs in the country and injuries are a common part of the workplace. Hundreds of workers suffer construction injuries each year. While some of those injuries are minor, many of them are very serious and some even end up fatal. Despite the many efforts that companies use, construction injuries still happen every day.

Who Can Be Liable for a Construction Accident

When someone is hurt on the job he or she can usually receive workers’ compensation, but most of the time cannot file a lawsuit against his or her employer. That does not mean that a construction worker can’t file a lawsuit against anyone. In many instances a third party can be held accountable. In fact, after a construction accident takes place, in many cases an injured worker can file a suit agent the following parties:

  • Architects
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Site Owners
  • Contractors

Sometimes any of these parties, or all of them, could be held accountable for a construction accident, depending on the details of the accident and which factors were involved. Each of these parties is responsible for several different things at a construction site. If they fail to comply with their responsibility correctly or act negligently, then they could be held liable for any injuries that someone suffers due to their negligence.

Common Construction Accidents

The list of accidents that are possible at a construction site are endless, but many some of the most common accidents include falls, being struck by falling objects, or injured by heavy equipment. There is all kinds of heavy equipment at just about every construction site and when someone is injured by heavy equipment most of the time the injuries are serious and often fatal. Any time a worker or even a visitor to a construction site is hurt then it’s a good idea for that person, or his or her family, to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. If there was any negligence or faulty equipment involved then the injured person may have a good reason to file a lawsuit.

Common Injuries at Construction Sites

When a worker suffers a construction accident he or she can suffer severe injuries. For example, some of the most common injuries include crush injuries, head and brain trauma, back and neck injuries, broken bones and cuts and lacerations. Of course, there are many other types of injuries that can happen, but whatever kind of injury it might be, if negligent or careless behavior played a role then the injured worker may have reason to seek compensation for his or her injuries, pain and suffering.

Contact An Experienced Indianapolis Construction Accident Lawyer

At the law Office of Holland & Holland in Indianapolis we are an experienced and respected personal injury law firm that fights for victims’ rights in construction accidents. If you have been hurt in a construction accident, don’t wait. Seek the help of our firm as soon as you can. We will evaluate your case and pursue the best option available for you. We believe that construction accident victims should receive fair compensation for their injuries. Therefore, let us fight for your rights by contacting us today. Click here or call us at 317-983-2259.