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Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorneys

Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorneys

Few things change lives more quickly, and more for the worse, than sudden personal injuries. Incidents such as car crashes and falls often trigger hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, along with almost immeasurable pain and suffering. Making matters worse, while the victim tries to deal with these things, the insurance company seemingly calls constantly with settlement offers. The offer may be tempting, but the victim has no way of knowing whether or not it is fair.

At Holland & Holland, our compassionate Indianapolis personal injury attorneys understand what you are going through. We provide assistance in all the aforementioned areas. We arrange for injury victims to receive the medical treatment they need at no upfront cost. We make the same arrangements with other providers, like rental car companies. Additionally, we interface with the insurance company, so you can concentrate on getting better. We diligently work to build your claim for damages, so you are more confident about the future.

Types of Personal Injuries

Generally, victims are eligible for compensation if their injury involved negligence, which is either a lack of care or a violation of a safety statute. Some different types of personal injuries, and some common causes, include:

  • Vehicle Collisions: Each year, car crashes kill or seriously injure millions of people. If the other driver broke a safety law, like DUI, or did not exercise ordinary care, perhaps due to distracted or fatigued driving, the tortfeasor (negligent driver) may be legally responsible for damages.
  • Falls: Many falls occur at area long-term care facilities. These residents are less able to avoid falls and more prone to serious injury, largely due to pre-existing medical conditions. Most older adults who fall can never live independently again.
  • Dog Bites: In most cases, animal attack victims are eligible for compensation if the dog owner knew the animal was potentially dangerous, and it attacks someone. Additionally, if the owner did not fully comply with animal restraint laws, like leash or fence laws, the owner might be liable for damages as a matter of law.
  • Nursing Home Injuries: The elderly population has skyrocketed in recent years, and many nursing homes were unprepared for this increase. As a result, incidents of abuse and neglect have skyrocketed, as well.

Medical malpractice is another area of personal injury. This umbrella term includes things like misdiagnoses, surgical errors, and birth injuries. Additionally, defective products seriously injure many Hoosiers. The companies that make these products may be liable for damages as a matter of law.

What to Expect in a Civil Case

Typically, your claim for damages begins with a demand letter. Based on the evidence in the case, such as the extent of injuries, an Indianapolis personal injury attorney demands a sum of money in exchange for a liability waiver. Many cases settle at this point. Typically, Indianapolis personal injury attorneys send these letters once medical treatment is at least substantially complete.

If the case does not settle at this point, an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer usually files legal paperwork to protect the victim’s rights. The insurance company often files procedural motions which try to derail the victim/plaintiff’s case. These motions are almost always unsuccessful, so the insurance company often surrenders at this point.

Next, if the insurance company does not give up, the case moves to the discovery phase. This phase includes things like medical examinations and oral depositions. Discovery gives your Indianapolis personal injury attorney a good look at any insurance company defenses. 

If the case remains unresolved, it usually goes to mediation. A third-party mediator, who is usually an unaffiliated Indianapolis personal injury attorney, works to facilitate a settlement between the two sides. If both parties negotiate in good faith, medication is usually successful.

Out-of-court settlements resolve about 95% of the personal injury claims in Marion County.

Count on Experienced Attorneys

Personal injury victims may be entitled to significant compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced Indianapolis personal injury attorney, contact Holland & Holland. We routinely handle matters in Marion County and nearby jurisdictions.

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