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Auto Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis

Auto Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis

Regional transportation hubs like Indianapolis have lots of high-speed roadways, and that means lots of high-speed vehicle collisions. Car crash victims must often deal with tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, not to mention almost unbearable pain and suffering. The good news is that, if the accident was not legally your fault, you may be entitled to substantial compensation.

The aggressive auto accident lawyers in Indianapolis at Holland & Holland get to work quickly on your behalf. We collect critical physical evidence, arrange for you to receive top-quality medical treatment, take care of your immediate transportation needs, and research the applicable law. Then, we never stop fighting for you. This combination of preparedness and tenacity often produces results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

What Causes Car Crashes?

An “accident” is usually an event that was both unintentional and unavoidable. So, the a-word is usually inappropriate with regard to vehicle collisions. The vast majority of car crashes are unintentional, but they were not unavoidable. Once jurors understand that simple fact, they are usually more willing to award maximum compensation.

Lightning strikes and other random natural acts cause a few vehicle collisions, as do bad tires and other defective products. But driver error causes about 95% of the car wrecks in Marion County. Generally, this error involves one of the five types of impairment:

  • Alcohol: Despite a decades-long effort to get “drunk drivers” off the road, alcohol still causes almost a third of the fatal car crashes in Indiana. Alcohol dulls the senses, making it extremely dangerous to drive.
  • Fatigue: Many people would never drive after drinking, but they routinely drive while drowsy. Fatigue and alcohol have roughly the same effect on the brain. Driving after 18 consecutive awake hours is like driving with a .05% BAC level.
  • Drugs: Prescription drugs, like Oxycontin or Xanax, cause most of the drugged driving crashes in Indiana. These substances may be legal to take, but it is illegal and dangerous to drive while under their influence. Illegal or semi-legal drugs, mostly marijuana, also cause a number of drugged driving crashes.
  • Distraction: Alcohol, drugs, and fatigue all have both mental and physical effects. So does distracted driving. In addition to hand-held cell phones, other distracted driving crashes involve hands-free cell phones and eating while driving.
  • Medical Condition: People with conditions like epilepsy and heart disease should not drive because they could suddenly lose consciousness behind the wheel. The state normally suspends drivers’ licenses in these situations, but the suspensions are only temporary.

Moving violations, mostly speeding, tailgating, and making an illegal lane change, also cause a number of serious injury collisions in Marion County.

How an Auto Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis Can Help

As mentioned, attorneys take care of immediate needs, like substitute transportation and medical treatment. Lawyers send letters of protection to these providers, so they do not charge anything upfront for their services.

The hard-working auto accident lawyers in Indianapolis at Holland & Holland also bring you additional peace of mind. While you recover from your injuries, we are working hard to build your claim for damages. That includes preparing for possible insurance company defenses, such as contributory negligence. 

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Driver error causes most of the car crashes in Indiana. For a free consultation with an experienced auto accident lawyer in Indianapolis, contact Holland & Holland. Home and hospital visits are available.

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