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Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries

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Fires are rare occurrences in this day and age, but when they do happen, they affect every part of your life, from your mental and physical health to your finances. While in most cases, physical burns are the most difficult to rebound from, a fire at home or at your business causes trauma that does not go away overnight. If a fire is set deliberately, it is arson; if a fire happens due to the negligence of another person, you may be able to collect compensation in civil court.

Common Causes and Statistics

There are countless causes of fire, but some are more common than others. The U.S. Fire Administration’s most recent available statistics show that a significant portion of all house fires in 2014 were due to cooking-related issues, with ‘careless or unintentional actions’ ranking fourth in terms of frequency. Carelessness was the second most common cause of fire-related fatalities, however, due to the fact that often people simply have no time to escape fires they do not expect. This also can play a role when a fire breaks out on the job; miscommunications can lead to accidents, though at least there are usually protocols for such dangers at work.

In nonresidential fires, carelessness or unintentional acts are the second most common cause, and the overall amount of damage sustained is often higher due to this factor. Statistics show that Indiana’s overall death and injury rate was below the national average in 2014, but the dollar loss amount was roughly equal. This is in part made up by a higher percentage of damage sustained in nonresidential fires.

If You Are Injured

If you or a loved one sustain burns or other fire-related injuries, you may have to deal with not only your insurance company, but also the person allegedly responsible for the blaze. Insurance will often cover losses, but sometimes a company will refuse, especially if there is an issue regarding a preexisting condition. Insurance companies in Indiana sometimes also stall or deny mental health coverage associated with traumatic incidents, saying that amounts requested are too speculative or try to argue that the insured needs less therapy than previously thought.

A knowledgeable burn injury attorney will assist you with your insurance company, but may also be prepared to go to court to protect your interests, armed with the right information. For example, treatments may vary depending on the degree of burns, and having a good grasp on what is required for first versus third degree burns can go a long way toward forming an accurate assessment of just what an appropriate settlement might be.

Seek Experienced Legal Help

If you or your family have been through a fire, you need knowledgeable, experienced assistance that can help you get your life back on track. The dedicated Indianapolis burn injury attorneys at Holland & Holland will help guide you through the insurance process, and if need be, will represent your interests in court. Contact us today at (317) 581-4400 to set up an appointment.

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